I’m Adolfo López Herrera. I live in London, where I play with data.

I'm a recent first class graduate from the University of Nottingham (BSc Computer Science) with a passion for data and machine learning. Currently, I am working at Allianz as a Data Engineer.

I am living in London, UK 🌧 but I am from Marbella, Spain 🔆. My hobbies include playing tennis, trying my best at Kaggle Competitions, and obsessing over anything AI.

My Computer Science studies provided me with insight into the discipline of data science and aided in my grasp of machine learning. I delved deeper into this topic in my final-year dissertation on Statistical and Machine Learning forecasting techniques.

In terms of practical skills, I am capable of manipulating, cleaning, and preparing data for analysis and reporting. I have worked with quality control and validation measures in data analysis and reporting workflows. I have academic and personal experience in data collection, modelling, evaluation, analysis and visualisation. My favorite programming languages are Python and R.